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Fundamental Movements Activity Centre


  • Ideal for school and community playgrounds
  • Suitable for children of all ages and abilities
  • Attracts engagement in physical activity
  • Helps develop FMS in young children
  • Enhances and perfects FMS in older children
  • Trialled and evaluated by Dublin City University
  • Ideal for small and compact spaces
  • For structured and unstructured play settings
  • Eligible as a MUGA for grant aid
  • All- weather robust design and materials
  • Online resources
  • Can be used to set up academies for club income generator
  • Frees up teachers, coaches and parents
  • Safe, fun and user friendly

Teaching Fundamental Movement Skills


The Fundamental Movements Activity Centre can be used in a structured or unstructured way. Unstructured play is child led without instruction from adults. This type of play helps children develop their creative side. This has been observed during the DCU study and noted in the report that the users devised their own games using the activity centre without direction from trainers. Unstructured play is a very important part of childrens development as it also helps develops a childs confidence, creativity, independence and ability to interact with others.

The activity centre can also be used in a stuctured way which involves adults demonstrating and coaching children specific drills to teach core fundamental movement skills. Structured play means play with purpose, so the aim is teaching the skills but keeping it fun at the same time. We are currently working on a program of structured play drills that will be used by coaches and teachers in a fun and easy way involving the activity centre.

This is a short video detailing the core fms that can be learnt and developed using the activity centre in either a structured or unstructured play setting.

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