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Starting out with a back garden aid to help the kids improve their kick, touch, control etc SmallWall was designed. From thereon the product developed into now what is a full size arena with aids to help all ages of all abilities to develop their fundamental movements. The arena is a go to place where both individual and group practice can take place in a safe, secure all-weather arena. Smallwall products enhances participation and encourages users to develop their skills no matter how basic or experienced they are.

Smallwall Arenas are ideal solutions for areas of high anti social behaviour and attracts young people to an area where they can socialize with their friends and feel safe. The arena can be customized to suit whatever sport you are targeting or for schools equipment that helps improve all fundamental movements can be added. The addition of ground markings gives the user a sense of measurement adding extra challenges when getting more experienced within the arena. The markings in our twenty meter squared arena are every meter and goes from center to each target allowing user to practice kick, throw or strike in four different directions. Equipment can be installed permanently or left loose pending on location.

The initial Challenge was to find a sporting aid  that could be placed in the back garden and left out all year round,this aid needed to be suitable for all sports and could be used individually or by a group of all ages and abilities. A few items of interest popped up but nothing that would last or fit for purpose so we decided to design one instead .Our first product was the SmallWall Senior and so the story begins....

prototype arena

Prototype Arena set up at Mervue United F.C


First Prototype

We tested the SmallWall by leaving it to local soccer clubs Kilshanvey United F.C and Mervue United to try out .Here we got good feedback on the product as well as some additional ideas that would be of interest such as targets , agility equipment etc.

In order to really validate the idea or concept of a skills arena we headed for Wembley the home of football in the UK .At a sports exhibition where experts from all corners and grass roots of the UK gathered we showcased the product and the feedback was all very positive so we decided to press on with the products and bring things to the next level .


Working with Kilconly Community Recreational Group we envisaged  installing  a skills arena that was suitable for the activities of the group and with their help and advice as well as knowledge gathered to date the first 20 meter squared fundamental skills arena was installed.

The arena can also be used as a play zone where the targets within can be used in a fun way offering hours of entertainment and exercise as well.
Other accessories include the high jump, the dice and the agility poles allows further activity within the arena that all in some way or another involves the use of basic fundamental movements.

Fortunately, along our journey we were lucky to bump into experts in the field such as Willie Walsh former All-Ireland U21 winner and an expert in the whole area of fundamental movements. Wille has designed a frame that slots into the centre of our arena that adds a whole new dimension. Accessories like the fundamental frame , the high jump, agility poles  and the different targets  all add a different dimension to the arena and with further products in the pipeline we hope to have something that will suit all abilities , all ages in all sports develop their basic fundamental movements in a safe and fun environment.

faire-confiance-à-son-enfant 2_preview

SmallWall™ products are specially designed sporting aids that helps develop fundamental movements. Our products robust design and all-weather materials make it the ultimate teammate anytime, anywhere. SmallWall™ products can be used by communities, clubs, schools or for home use.

Our special designed arenas provide a safe area where users can practice and improve their fundamental movements individually or as a group. Both SmallWall™ and high jump products are easily mounted, easily adjustable plus are suitable for all ages, abilities and sports.

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Available in a range of types and sizes SmallWall™ outdoor products are tough, durable and built to last. Our products are manufactured using high quality material and its galvanised powder coated frames protects it for years to come. Our products unique design enables our products to be easily manoeuvred and adjusted to suit all ages and skill levels. Our SmallWall™ products are suitable for both single and team use with the added feature of been permanently fixed if required.

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"Smallwall products enhances participation and encourages users to develop their skills no matter how basic or experienced they are"

"Smallwall Arenas are ideal solution for areas of high anti social behaviour and attracts young people to an area where they can socialize with there friends and feel safe"


The Team at SmallWall offer the complete package. We will design the arena around your specifications, budget and customise the equipment to match your sporting needs. We only use professional installers insuring that all your expectations are met, and each installation is finished to a high standard. Our arenas come with basic detail ground markings on the surface at 1-meter intervals and additional designs can be added at design stage. Our robust targets can be customised to suit different or individual sports and can be easily adjusted anytime to suit end user’s requirements

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