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Welcome to the SmallWall Website.

SmallWall is a company that designs and manufactures a range of products for schools and community playgrounds nationwide. Our products are targeted at increasing engagement in physical activity in children to develop important core fundamental movement skills. We can also design, manufacture and install products customised to suit your requirements. It was founded in 2016 by its proprietor Sean Dunleavy and is based in Kilconly, Tuam, Co. Galway.

Sean's wife Rachael looks after the general administration and their six children help out in various ways in demonstrating the use of the products through social media.  We are open 7 days a week and are happy to give advice by phone, email or in person on any of our products.

We provide an individual personalised service - from your initial query to the final stage of product installation. We can also offer an after care maintenance service on all our products.

Though we are a small family business, we aim to provide a 100% satisfaction rate to all our customers.

Fundamental movement skills are a specific set of skills learned by children through physical activity that involve different body parts such as feet, legs, trunk, head, arms and hands. FMS include locomotor and non-locomotor skills – jump, catch, throw, run, hop, agility, kick, strike, skip, walk, balance rolling, sliding, jogging, leaping, dodging, galloping. These skills are the “building blocks” for more complex and specialised skills that children will need throughout their lives to competently participate in different games, sports and recreational activities. However because children tend to have more structured play and are becoming more and more less physically active and tend to play more indoors than outside as was the norm a few years ago, these movement skills are in serious decline.

Our latest product is a unique first of a kind Fundamental Movements Activity Centre. Children of all ages from 3 years to teens can engage with our MUGA to learn and enhance the majority of the fundamental movements in one area as opposed to practicing different skills in different settings. Because the activity centre can be used individually or in a group setting and for structured or unstructured play, it naturally engages the child to interact with the equipment in different ways and is proven to increase enjoyment of physical activity.
Our MUGA has been evaluated by DCU School of Health and Human Performance in conjunction with a local national school and showed very favourable results for users. Hence, it is an ideal addition to any school or community playground. It caters for use by all ages young and old. It enhances participation in all sports, attracts engagement in physcial activity, safe, fun and user friendly. It helps develop fundamental movements and skills, requires a small footprint to install and frees up teachers and coaches so they can take on an observant role. Its compact and all weather robust design makes it suitable for any area. Also as a MUGA, it is eligible for grant aid such as Clar, Leader, Sports Capital Grand Aid and the Village Enhancement Scheme.
Our aim at SmallWall is to increase physical activity in children regardless of age or ability and make learning of fundamental movement skills fun for all users.

How Our Product Evolved

The initial idea for developing our sporting aids started as a rebounder for individual play at home. From there on, working with Kilconly Recreation Community Group, a full sized arena was constructed and various rebounders and target boards were installed to help children develop core fundamental movement skills.

We also had the SmallWall equipment evaluated by DCU School of Health and Human Performance in conjuction with the children from the local national school. The report showed very favourable results and the children using the equipment showed great increase in fms capabilities after only a few sessions.

In order to cater for schools and communities with space confinements we then combined all the equipment into one compact playwall, which is now the SmallWall Fundamental Movements Activity Centre.

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Full Sized Arena with Rebounders and Target Boards

We also tested the SmallWall by leaving it to local clubs Kilshanvey United F.C and Kilconly GAA.  Here we got more good feedback on the product as well as some additional ideas that would be of interest such as targets and agility equipment etc.


Prototype Frame set up at Kilconly Community Recreational Facilities

The Fundamental Movements Activity Centre can also be used as a play zone where the targets can be used in a fun way offering hours of entertainment and exercise as well.
Accessories such as the high jump, balance beam, hurdles and the agility poles allows further activity that involves the use of basic fundamental movements.


On our journey to the end product of the Activity Centre, we have attended trade shows In order to really validate the idea or concept of a skills arena. The very first show we exhibited at was a sports exhibition in Wembley the home of football in the UK.

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SmallWall™  products are tough, durable and built to last. Our products are manufactured using high quality material and its galvanised powder coated frames protects it for years to come. Our products can also be easily customised to suit your requirements. Our SmallWall™ products are suitable for both individual and team use.

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