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Target Board


Our range of targets offers not alone a challenge but can be used for fun and games within any arena. The targets are designed to cater for all tasks within all sports and the level of difficulty is down to the user. In new arenas the main target board are recessed back and with the aid of a kick board on the base the ball always comes back into play. We also provide a target board the mounts directly onto any wall or fence and ideal for adding a new dimension to existing astro-turf pitches and play areas. The Ball wall can be fitted onto any mesh fence and is perfect for any practice session especially used with our SmallWalls and High Jumps. The dice target can be used for fun and games but also as part of drills which help movements such as throw and catch. These products are manufactured locally from all-weather materials and steel parts are powder coated in Black as standard. The Targets are suitable for the following Fundamental Movements

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